Become a hindrance for Corona yourself, in this way you can worship Ganpati at home

Become a hindrance for Corona yourself, in this way you can worship Ganpati at home

Become a hindrance for Corona yourself, in this way you can worship Ganpati at home

Digital Desk, Nagpur. Manpa commissioner Tukaram Mundhe said that Ganeshotsav, a symbol of tradition, culture and reverence, has come amid Corona crisis this time. Therefore, celebrate this festival with simplicity. He appealed that no more than two people go to bring the statue and do immersion in the house itself. Be a troublemaker yourself and overcome the corona crisis. For those for whom immersion in the house is not possible, the call for immersion will come to your house. The number is expected to be released on Saturday. On the other hand, artificial tanks are being installed at some places. Only two people go there for immersion. We also have to practice virtual Ganesha. Do not take out any kind of rally. 

You can worship Ganpati at home like this

1. First of all, sit on the seat of Kusha facing east towards the place of worship. Take water in the palm of the left hand and read this purification mantra by
spraying water on the body with the ring finger of the right hand…  .
This is: Smreetpundrikshakshan Bahyabhyantara: Shuchih.
Install the idol by laying a red cloth on an outpost. Light a lamp Worship Roli / Kumkum, Akshat, with flowers. 

2. Do the invoking mantra- 

Sumukhashkaadantasht Kapilo Gajakarnakah.
Lambodarashta Vicato Vighnasho Vinayaka:
Bhalchandra Gajanan: Head of the smoke racket.
Dwadashatani Nānami ie: pachchhchhriyunadapi.
Vidyarambhe marriages for entry and exit.
Sangramte sankte chav vighnastasya na jaye.
Bhaartarth: In this mantra, there is a call for Ganesha taking 12 names. 12 Names- 1. Sumukh 2. Ekdant 3. Kapil 4. Gajakarnak 5. Lambodar 6. Vikat 7. Vighnash 8. Vinayaka 9. Smokketu 10. Ganapadha 11. Bhalchandra 12. Gajanan.

3. Dedicate Akshat, flowers and clothes - Now take bath with water, raw milk and Panchamrit. Offer new clothes and jewelery. If there is a clay statue, give the betel nut a bath. 

4. Offer Naivedya - Offer modak, sweets, jaggery and fruits. Incense sticks, light the lamp. Chant these mantras ... 
Om Chatrayaaya Namah. ॐ Gajananay Namah:.
ॐ Vighnarajaya Namah. ॐ Prasannaatnam Namah.

5. Salute Ganesha with this mantra…  

Vighneshvarai Varadaya Surpriyaya Lambodarai Sakalaya Jagadhita. 
Nagannaya Sruthigyanavibhishitaya Gaurisutaya Gnath Namo Namaste.
Spiritualism: Salutes Parvatiputra, Vighneshwar, Giver of the Gods, Beloved to the Gods, Lambodar, full of arts, Interesters of the world, Gaja with equal face, Vedas and Yajna. Hey Count! Hello to you

6. Revolve after Aarti and offer flowers ... 

7. Finally, pardon prayer call 
invocation, not knowing or not knowing. Pooja chacha na naam kamvayam parmeshwar
Mantraheen Kriyheenam Bhaktiheenam Sureshwaram. Yatpujitam maya deva perfect tadmatu.
Bhartarth: Lord, I do not know to duly summon you, depart and worship. I'm sorry. Neither remember mantras nor actions. I do not even know to do devotion. Forgive my mistakes and accept this worship.